Jan Alber

Jan Alber is Professor of English Literature and Cognition at RWTH Aachen University. He is the author of Narrating the Prison (2007) and Unnatural Narrative: Impossible Worlds in Fiction and Drama (2016). Alber was awarded research fellowships from the British Academy, the German Research Foundation (DFG), and the Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation. He is the President of the International Society for the Study of Narrative (ISSN).


Jan Baetens

Jan Baetens is Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Leuven. His main research areas are word and image studies (literature and photography, comics, photonovels, novellisations), contemporary French poetry, literary theory. His recent publications include The Graphic Novel (2014, with H. Frey); Correspondance: The Birth of Belgian Surrealism (2016, with M. Kasper); “Conversation in Sicily: A Contextual Reading”, with B. Van Den Bossche, in Italian Studies 70/1, Feb. 2015, pp. 117–30. He is Editor-in-chief of Image & Narrative.


Helena Buescu

Helena Carvalhão Buescu is Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Lisbon. Her research interests revolve around the 19th and 20th century as well as theoretical issues of comparative and world literature. She is the founder of the Centre of Comparative Studies at the University of Lisbon. She is the author of Experiência do Incomum e Boa Vizinhança: literatura comparada e literatura-mundo (2013), Emendar a Morte: pactos e(m) literatura (2008), Cristalizações: fronteiras da modernidade (2005). She has been Visiting Professor in several universities, in the US, UK and Europe, and Macau.


Evelyn Gius

Evelyn Gius is a postdoctoral fellow at the Institut für Germanistik at the University of Hamburg. Her main research areas are narratology and digital text analysis. She is a member of the executive board of the association for Digital Humanities in the German speaking area and has been involved in various Digital Humanities projects with a narratological focus. Among other, she was part of the development team for the text analysis and annotation tool CATMA. She is currently coordinating the joint research project hermA about the automation of annotation for hermeneutic approaches in the Social Sciences and the Humanities. She is also the principal investigator of the hermA sub-project focusing on the relation between gender and illness in literary texts. Evelyn Gius is the author of Erzählen Über Konflikte (2015) und has published recently “The hermeneutic profit of annotation: on preventing and fostering disagreement in literary analysis”, with Janina Jacke, in International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing 11/2, 2017, pp. 233–54.


Marina Grishakova

Marina Grishakova is professor of literary theory at the Institute of Cultural Research, University of Tartu, Estonia. Her research interests include interdisciplinary narratology and narrative studies, film and intermedial studies, cognitive literary/ art studies, theories and methodologies of comparative literature, intellectual history. She is the author of The Models of Space, Time and Vision in V. Nabokov’s Fiction: Narrative Strategies and Cultural Frames (2nd ed. 2012), co-editor of Intermediality and Storytelling (with M.-L. Ryan, De Gruyter, 2010), Theoretical Schools and Circles in the Twentieth-Century Humanities: Literary Theory, History, Philosophy (with S. Salupere, Routledge, 2015) and Cognition and Narrative Complexity (with M. Poulaki, under review, University of Nebraska Press). Her articles appeared in Narrative, Sign Systems Studies, Revue de littérature comparée and international volumes, such as Strange Voices in Narrative Fiction (2011), Literature, History and Cognition (2014), Intersections, Interferences, Interdisciplines: Literature with Other Arts (2014), and others. She was the founder of the Nordic Network of Narrative Studies and Coordinator of the European Network for Comparative Literary Studies. She has given plenary talks and guest lectures in various universities across Europe. In 2016 she was invited and elected a member of the Academia Europaea.


Stefan Kjerkegaard

Stefan Kjerkegaard is Associate Professor in Scandinavian Studies at Aarhus University. His research interests and teaching span a wide range of topics from how new literature deals with mediatized cultural context to autobiograpichal novels and poems and autofiction. He has published widely in the field of modern literary theory, interaction between literature and media, and narratology. His most recent works include “Getting People Right. Getting Fiction Right: Self-Fashioning, Fictionality, and Ethics in the Roth Books”, in Journal of Narrative Theory, 46/1, 2016, pp. 121–149, “In The Waiting Room: Narrative in the Autobiographical Lyric Poem, Or Beginning to Think about Lyric Poetry with Narratology”, in Narrative 22/2, 2014, pp. 185–202.


Liesbeth Korthals Altes

Liesbeth Korthals Altes is Professor of General Literature at the Department of Arts, Culture and Media in the University of Groningen. Her research and teaching cover the areas of narrative theory, literature, arts, values, ethics, and modern French literature. Her latest book, Ethos and Narrative Interpretation: The Negotiation of Meanings and Values in Fiction (Nebraska UP, 2014), was awarded with the Perkins Prize.


Robert Kurvitz

Robert Kurvitz is a novelist and a video game developer. He is the lead designer on “No Truce With The Furies”.


Donata Meneghelli 

Donata Meneghelli is Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Bologna. Her research and teaching cover the area of comparative literature, visual studies and literature, history of literary criticism. She is the author of Storie proprio così. Il racconto nell’era della narratività totale (2012) and La rappresentazione allo specchio. Testo letterario e testo pittorico (co-edited with Francesco Cattani ,2008).


Sjoerd-Jeroen Moenandar

Sjoerd-Jeroen Moenandar is a Senior Educational Policy Consultant at Avans University of Applied Sciences. He was Assistant Professor in Storytelling and Narrative Communication at the South Mediterranean University (Tunisia), and before that he worked as an Assistant Professor in Philosophy of Art and Media Theory at several Dutch universities. He currently works on ‘applied narratology’. He recently published Stories of Becoming: Using Storytelling for Research, Counselling and Education (co-edited with Lynn Wood, 2017), Not Ever Absent. Storytelling in Arts, Culture and Identity Formation (co-edited with Nicole Kavner Miller, 2015), and Depraved Borderlands. Meetings With Muslims in Dutch Literature and the Public (2013).


Domingo Sánchez-Mesa Martínez

Domingo Sánchez-Mesa Martínez is Professor in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature at the University of Granada. He has worked and published extensively on contemporary Literary theory, XXth century Spanish Narrative and Poetry, intermediality and transmediality.  

Märten Rattasepp

Märten Rattasepp is a literary critic and cultural researcher, previously at the University of Tartu. He has published short stories and currently works as a writer-designer for the video game “No Truce With The Furies”.